andreas weinand photographie

shaping the future

Discovering new horizons
an argumentation with images

How do we want to live?

How to inspire a sense of belonging to the everyday living environment? How does architecture work and what influence does urban planning have on our attitude to life? What do I see and feel while walking in public space or entering a building? Do I feel invited?

Ein wilder Flieder erinnert an die pädagogische Praxis, Schulgärten gemeinsam mit den Schüler:innen zu pflegen. / A wild lilac is a reminder of the educational practice of tending school gardens together with the pupils.

Performing light and nature

My pictures begin in the here and now – show how a building or ensemble looks at the beginning of a construction project, seen in relation to the respective environment. I explore the specific qualities of a place. Show the interplay of light, nature and material in their architectural effect.

Kulturdenkmal Grundschule Grundschule Kronsburg // D-24145 Kiel Historische Pavillon Schulbauweise // Architekt: Rudolf Schroeder

The heritage of a particular place is further developed

The history of a place, traces of its users and existing qualities get visible by means of the photographic documentation and can be used continuously in the planning process. A visual preservation of evidence.

spiel mit licht und natur; das erbe wird weitergebaut; behutame sanierung / playing with light and nature; the heritage continues to be built; careful renovation